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However, why exactly are the angels attacking and what are his father’s true intentions are yet to be unraveled.55 Spanish subtitled54 Spanish dubbed25 Italian dubbed18 Portuguese subtitled17 German subtitled11 French subtitled9 Russian subtitled9 German dubbed6 Polish subtitled4 Portuguese dubbed4 French dubbed2 Tagalog dubbed2 Italian edited dub2 Russian dubbed2 Korean subtitled1 Italian subtitled1 Chinese Mandarin subtitled1 Persian subtitled1 Spanish edited dub20 Spanish subtitled18 Spanish dubbed14 Portuguese subtitled11 Italian dubbed10 Russian subtitled6 French subtitled4 German dubbed3 German subtitled2 Portuguese dubbed2 French dubbed1 Ukrainian dubbed1 Russian dubbed1 Arabic subtitled1 Catalan dubbed1 Korean subtitled1 Russian edited dub1 Polish subtitled22 Spanish subtitled11 Spanish dubbed8 Portuguese subtitled6 Italian dubbed6 Russian subtitled3 French dubbed3 French subtitled2 Polish subtitled2 German dubbed1 Italian subtitled1 German subtitled1 Thai language dubbed1 1 Spanish edited dub1 Portuguese dubbed8 Spanish subtitled4 Spanish dubbed3 Italian dubbed3 Polish subtitled3 French subtitled3 Russian subtitled2 Portuguese dubbed2 Russian dubbed1 Indonesian dubbed1 German subtitled1 Vietnamese subtitled1 Russian edited dub1 Portuguese subtitled1 German dubbed Seen in part or in whole by 17633 users, rank: #6 (of 6949)Median rating: Excellent Arithmetic mean: 8.318 (Very good ), std.

dev.: 1.9826, rank: #248 (of 6959)Weighted mean: 8.211 (Very good ), rank: #272 (of 6959) Ho Taek Yun Kazuhiro Takamura Keiko Kakuta Masahiko Arai Masahiro Sato Masataka Ogura Namiko Gotou Rieko Nakai Seiichiroh Shinokura Shouji Saeki Takahiro Onoda Takaomi Kanasaki Tomohiro Sasaki Yasuhito Murata Yasushi Suzuki Yoshitoku Yamaguchi Yuko Kami Yusuke Yoshigaki Key Animation: Akemi Koyama Akiko Kawashima Akiko Nagashima Akira Watabe Akitoshi Yokoyama Atsuko Otani Atsushi Hasegawa Atsushi Yamazaki Eiichi Kuboyama Fumiko Yoshida Fuminori Kizaki Gen Uekura Heita Takaoichi Hideaki Anno Keiko Shimizu Keisuke Watabe Kengo Kunieda Kenichi Konishi Kenji Irie Kenji Ito Kenji Kuroyanagi Kenji Tojo Kiichi Takaoka Koichi Taguchi Koji Ito Koji Sugiura Kouichi Hashimoto Kumi Kawaya Kuri Sawa Makoto Furuta Mamoru Kurosawa Mamoru Sasaki Manabu Ono Manabu Tanzawa Mariko Aoki Masaaki Endou Masahiro Ando Masahiro Sekiguchi Masayuki Mau Hanabata Megumi Kagawa Takeshi Inamura Tamako Miyanishi Tamami Yamada Tatsuru Moriki Tensai Okamura Tetsuya Iwabuchi Tomoaki Kado Tomohiro Kawahara Toru Takahashi Toshiya Washida Toshiyuki Fujisawa Tsunenori Saito Tsuyoshi Konagawa Yasuhiro Aoki Yasuhiro Kamimura Yasushi Muraki Yasuzou Iino Yoh Yoshinari In-Between Animation: Anime RAnime Spot Ashi Productions EMUAIFAIGAINAXGEISEI Animation Marsa Inc Mizo Planning Neox Oh! GStudio Argo Ship Studio Cockpit Studio DEENStudio Jungle Gym Studio Love Hunter Studio Mark Studio ZH-GHTezuka Productions Unit 8888Vega Entertainment ― Sound of the Sky opens with new soldier Kanata Sorami heading off to her first post, a guard post at the border city of Seize.

ROMANTIC CHAT FOR THE LADIES [15 ] Choose between normal romantic chat, or responses that are a little more explicit.

― Sound of the Sky opens with new soldier Kanata Sorami heading off to her first post, a guard post at the border city of Seize.