Are laura bell bundy and christian borle still dating

04 Feb

I think our producers were very bold in putting our show on MTV, and I know from the responses I have gotten and still get) from fans that it really meant something to them and made life better or more inspiring in some way. I feel so proud to be a part of this show and this group of people! We, , will always be in each others lives so I am not worried about that. It's just sad to think that I won't be able to go to the Palace Theater to see them all at once! The reality is, there are very few shows that last this long on Broadway! They felt the story needed another scene with Elle and Emmett that highlighted the shift in their relationship. [EMMETT] Been reading it hard, I can tell [GREEK Chorus] 'Tis a gift to be simple 'Tis a gift to be free Mmmm [ELLE] Bye Warner! [EMMETT] In the bottom percent of your class [ELLE] What? This chip on my shoulder Makes me smarter and bolder No more whining or blaming I am re- [ELLE/GREEK Chorus] Claiming my pride [ELLE] Grab that book and let's do this Instead of [ELLE/GREEK Chorus] Doodling hearts all through this Now there's a chip on my shoulder [ELLE] Let's see him knock it aside [GREEK Chorus] Daughter of Delta Nu, show him that you're no fool Daught of Delta Nu, go back to school With a big chip on your shoulder [WARNER] Mr.So when her boyfriend dumps her for someone "more serious," Elle sets out to win him back by putting down the credit card and hitting the books.Ready to revamp her image, Elle goes where no Delta Nu sorority girl has gone before: Harvard Law School!After enjoying a summer romance, high school students Danny and Sandy are unexpectedly reunited when she transfers to Rydell High.

and we spent a significant part of our lives creating the show and keeping the show (and each other) alive."But, we had a good run, we broke ground for Broadway and made people who were never interested in theater before interested!Although the production experienced a bump in grosses after Hanks' debut, briefly topping 90% of capacity, it has recently been playing to houses that are 60% full in a theater with almost 1,700 seats.In addition to Hanks, Orfeh and Borle, the current cast of Legally Blonde includes Richard H.[ELLE] God, I love shopping for men [EMMETT] Okay, this is nice [ELLE] They walk in a two, they walk out a ten [EMMETT] Is this the price?! [ENSEMBLE] He's hot, hot, hot, hot [ELLE/EMMETT] Here you'll become what you're supposed to be You think you can't, but you can Think of the guy you want most to be [EMMETT] Not quite the guy I'd have chose to be But when she's standing so close to me I think I like her plan [ELLE] Here's your chance to make it [EMMETT/ENSEMBLE] A chance to make it [ELLE] So take it like [EMMETT/ENSEMBLE] So take it like [ELLE] A man [EMMETT] A man [ELLE] A man [EMMETT] A man [ELLE] A man [EMMETT] A man [ELLE/EMMETT/ENSEMBLE] A man “Take it Like a Man” is a song which comes just after Callahan dismissed Elle and Emmett for the day referring to them as; “Legally Blonde” and “Ratty Corduroy.” Elle decides to bring Emmett shopping and help him to impress Callahan by fixing his “casual Friday” vibe.[ELLE] Don't worry, this is my treat There's someone I'd like you to meet [ELLE/EMMETT] Whoa [EMMETT] I look like Warner [ELLE] Yeah [EMMETT] But it's just me [ELLE] That's the best part The outside is new But now it reflects what's already in you Couldn't change that if I wanted to And I do not [EMMETT] Thank you [ELLE] No, thank you This is no gift It's payment in kind 'Cause you saw beyond all the blonde to my mind Oh, you have to buy it What, are you blind? However, it becomes clear to Emmett that there are other feelings brewing beneath the surface. However, while in workshop, both Laura Bell Bundy and Christian Borle, who originated the roles of Elle and Emmett, fought for the number.Set in New York City's gritty East Village, the revolutionary rock opera RENT tells the story of a group of bohemians struggling to live and pay their rent. See full summary » A filmed production of the musical 'Miss Saigon' for its 25th anniversary, performed live at London's Prince Edward Theatre, in London's West End.Including the 2hr 20minute production and a bonus 35-minute "25th Anniversary Gala" which included stars of the original cast, Jonathan Pryce, Lea Salonga and Simon Bowman.Blake as Warner, Kate Shindle as Vivienne, Nicolette Hart as Brooke, and Michael Rupert as Professor Callahan.Also featured are Tracy Jai Edwards, Asmeret Ghebremichael, Kate Rockwell, Lucia Spina, Barry Anderson, April Berry, Kyle Brown, Lindsay Nicole Chambers, Beth Curry, Amber Efe, Tiffany Engen, Stephanie Fittro, Josh Franklin, Jason Gillman, Rod Harrelson, Eric Hatch, Manuel Herrera, Autumn Hurlbert, Nick Kenkel, Cara Massey, Rusty Mowery, Emily Padgett, Kevin Pariseau, Jody Renard, Dani Spieler, Bryan West. There's just no way around it You've gotta plough through 'til you- [ELLE] Found it! [EMMETT] Well, I predict you will probably pass [ELLE] Yes! [EMMETT] Though it's hardly my business to say Could it be the real thing in your way Is the very guy you're trying to impress? I've been smiling and sweet And thoroughly beat and blowing my chance Let's not chase him away Let's face him and say Hey, punk, let's dance! [ELLE] To my personal circle of hell It has not worked out well I wish that I were dead 'Cause instead of a wedding and love I'm flunking out of school A total laughing stock Someone he and his friends can just mock So, go on, here's my head Just hit it with a rock [EMMETT] Wait, go back You came out here to follow a man? You're right There's a chip on my shoulder And it's big as a boulder With the chance I've been given I'm gonna be driven as hell I'm so close I can taste it So I'm not gonna waste it Yeah, there's a chip on my shoulder You might wanna get one as well [ELLE] I'm sorry, but that sounds highly negative Wait! [ELLE] Um, well, I know they're here somewhere [EMMETT] You know, this vanity's real picturesque But it started its life as a desk Clear it off and find some room for books instead [ELLE] What are you doing? Good, so get angry You may find The chip on your shoulder [ELLE] Ugh! [EMMETT] But with the chance you've been given Why are you not driven as hell? I don't know if you've noticed before But each time Warner walks through the door Your IQ goes down to 40, maybe less [ELLE] Huh?