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He says he put 0,000 of his own money down to start the church. We extended the ministry to Georgia in January 2006. Because of the situation, I have put other pastors over those churches because of my need to be over this house. A: She came and spoke at a conference in 1998, one of my father’s conferences … We wouldn’t have dated each other if she didn’t think I was marriage material or vice versa. A: I received divorce papers from my first wife in 1998.

Y'all remember how throughly disgusted I became with Juanita Bynum and her husband Probationer Bishop Tommy "The Hit Man" Weeks when their divorce turned into a tawdry circus-like affair that they foisted upon the American public.

Weeks maintains that publications and broadcasts about his stormy marriage do not paint a complete and accurate picture. Both of us had been through a number of things in our prior relationships …We thought it would be best per her request, to go ahead and get married … She said out of her own mouth it’s like marrying a pedigree of legacy. If people did not interfere with where [we] wanted to go with our relationship early on, it probably could have developed into something tremendous.

“A lady from Belgium flew all the way here to meet him. “This time I’m not going to limit it just to the local church … We’ve got to have a global search.”Weeks is still serving probation for an August 2007 attack on Bynum outside an Atlanta area hotel. This false prophet has decided to launch a contest called "Who Will be the next Mrs. Yes, she flung her own share of dirt and acted ridiculously as well with her threshing floor and ,000 pens. In this case, the man has already proven that he is a sucky husband to TWO OTHER WOMEN. Do something, but don't enter the Who Will Be the Next Mrs. Bishop, I know you are going to read this post because you are the kind of person who Googles himself. All these black women who are soo called disgusted by his actions, should have been paying attention.

He plead guilty to aggravated assault and was ordered to attend anger management classes. I sincerely hope that he has learned from the incident with Bynum and never does anything like that again.

According to a article in Vibe Magazine Bishop Weeks decided on Christina Glenn following an online “wife search”, even the sinners were mocking Bishop Weeks third attempt at marriage.

He was charged with aggravated assault as a first offender and has completed the required community service hours and anger management counseling. Now the Bible scholar in me has just thought up about fifteen different reasons why this is five kinds of wrong. Then after he and his motley crew list the criteria he is looking for he takes a picture of a white couple that came with the picture frame as his ideal of the relationship he is looking for. Now the common denominator in all of his failed relationships is Bishop Weeks. How about I list one of my ideal "criteria" in the future "Mr. The first criteria is no violent criminal convictions on your rap sheet. Previous Posts Satan’s Lawyers to Bishop Tommy "The Hit Man" Weeks….. Instead they came out of the wood works to bash Juanita and called her an attention seeking desperate whore. As a clergywoman, this horse and pony story sickens me. Not only can you cheat, lie, steal, and assault someone and keep your Church.

Crunk and Disorderly Taking a page from ESSENCE magazine and Tyler Perry, he is preying upon the Achilles' heel of Black women, the unwavering desire to be married/coupled... Including his pride in being a "global entrepreneur" Oh yeah and all you bloggers who need a new template, the good Bishop is into web designing now according to his video introduction. I think I am going to take a couple of weeks off of blogging to finish my book "Girl, Don't Do It! Now look who is the attention seeking whore - it ain't Ms. How can this man be a preacher looking for his THIRD WIFE. You also get rewarded with an international reality internet show that will bring you your next victim. With idiotic behavior such as this, I am convinced that certain segments (not all, but A LOT) of the Black Church is nothing more than a cult that positions itself to exploit woman and flip a profit.