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After playing at many smaller clubs, he landed a job in New Rochelle NY at a club called “Streets” This was significant because Streets had 4 competitors in the immediate area, clubs that were a little bigger and a little more well known.Vinnie, already a DJ for 4 years, wanted to learn more not only about playing music, but creating it so he learned about editing on the Reel-to-Reel, digital drum machines, and samplers. He brought this new style, and equipment to “Streets” and within a few months Streets became the most popular club in the area.It might mean that they are overly optimistic and ambitious and that they take on more than they can handle.It might be that they refuse to see any of their potential weaknesses and downfalls and that this then leads them to go headlong into trouble and not to improve themselves.This was directly related to Vin’s new style of DJing.Using a all this equipment, Vin was able to create new songs live at the club, play his own special remixes of songs, or make vocal medleys using accapellas and beats on the 3 Technics 1200 Turntables.But there’s a difference between being self-absorbed, often called a narcissist, and having narcissistic personality disorder, which is a mental illness. Does he tend put himself first and think he knows the only “right” way?If you can recognize a few of the traits below, that’s someone who’s self-absorbed. Someone with narcissistic personality disorder might also: Someone like this may appear to have high self-esteem, but the opposite is probably true.

It is almost impossible to discuss the topic of narcissism without being compared to the 200,000 articles online that addresses this topic.

Surely this is good for them so why should it bother you?

Well actually there are several reasons why it's unpleasant working with someone overconfident it might be that they are too sure of their own opinion or own view and that means that they won't listen to anyone else.

Her work includes: mate selection, marriage, long term relationships, gay and lesbian couples, work relationships, parenting issues, family interactions, friendships, and conflict resolutions.

is a licensed psychologist in clinical practice in Santa Cruz, California for over 25 years, and specializes in relationship issues for couples and individuals for improved quality of life.