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02 Jan

SEE ALSO: Hyoyeon updates fans on Girls' Generation's 10th anniversary album A self-cam of an as-yet unnamed actor masturbating has been circulating online, and it seems Kim Min Suk has been speculated to be the subject.

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Centering on Karl, a gravel-voiced American sniper, who seems to almost singlehandedly dismantle the German Afrika Korps, you are taken to a lot of interesting settings in a theater of the war that's rarely explored in games, and given semi-free rein to explore and murder Nazi occupiers in whatever way you deem fit.

Checking in at different hours, I found Cams to have between 400 and 650 women online, so everything is good on that front.

The next step is to actually check out some of these babes and see what they have in store for me. If on the main page and you click on any of the categories or page numbers and then enter a chat room, when you click back, you're redirected to the main page and have lost your page/category selection.

It's weird to describe it like this, you just sort of do it.

Actor Kim Min Suk has responded to rumors of a sextape.