Chris brown teyana taylor dating

01 Feb

More than anything, we just can’t believe all of this fuss is over Brandon Jennings. Flip it again to read (or see) Tae’s reaction to all of this…

Soulja Boy claimed his ongoing beef with Chris Brown did, in fact, start over a woman.

According to Teyana, her disappointment in Tae stems from the fact that they have been pals since the G. Welp, it didn’t take long for Teyana to catch wind of Tae’s message and Twitter replies ensued. To bolster her case, Teyana posted those texts to Twitter for all to see. All this messy isht before anybody has even brushed their damn teeth! Some feel like Teyana photoshopped her texts, others feel like Tae ain’t isht.

Music chanteuse was 17-years-old and the girl code of “hoes before bros” had been violated, possibly irreparably.

Teyana Taylor was put on the stand at Breakfast Club Court and stated facts on facts about her past relationship with NBA star and ex-fiancé, Brandon Jennings, as well as his new relationship with her ex-friend, Tae Heckard. “I felt betrayed because of everything that we’ve been through for 6 years,” she said, even revealing that Jennings had swiped her V card.

After the Detroit Pistons player let it be known on Instagram last week that his relationship with Heckard, was official tissue, the G.

Celebrations are in full swing for happy couple Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert, who have announced they are expecting their first child together.

Troubled R&B star Chris Brown stunned basketball fans last night when he turned up with a Rihanna lookalike.

Just three days after Chris and his ex were spotted sitting far apart at a basketball game last week, he attended the NBA finals in Florida with a dead ringer for the famous singer.

While people spent late last week worrying about whether or not Iman Shumpert cheated on Teyana Taylor (the findings?

Shumpert did slip up early in their relationship, they moved past it, and all is well in their world), what went under the radar was a positive turn of events involving Taylor that should have been celebrated.