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09 Dec

show “American Pickers” on the History Channel starring Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz, then you’ve no doubt seen the woman they’re always calling back at their store – (Antique Archeology) Danielle. Here then is our interview with Danielle Colby Cushman.Mike and Frank are “pickers”, but what’s Danielle’s story? A – You know, I think a lot of people feel that way.The show has garnered a number of fans around the world who have flocked to his shop in the middle of Iowa.His client list has also grown from photographers, collectors, art directors and interior designers to include musicians, celebrities and athletes. Despite the attention Mike remains serious about his craft.Mike Wolfe has earned his living as a respected and well known forager.For twenty years he and his partner Frank Fritz have traveled coast to coast visiting over 200 American cities salvaging antiques and vintage items and selling them at his shop Antique Archaeology in Le Claire Iowa.

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(Laughs) People get that impression from us, like they know us. A – I’ve known Mike for 10 years and the whole time we’ve been friends Antique Archeology has been in existence. Its’ probably safe to say 13 years for sure, but, he’s been picken’ for over 20 (years).I would imagine he has to take pretty good care of that truck if he’s going from state to state. I had heard stories about Frank ‘cause I’d heard stories about Mike picking with Frank. My father is a 5th generation photographer, so he has all of his fathers and grandfathers and back and back equipment and that always intrigued me.My parents have always had a very deep passion in history.The first show had over 3 million viewers and to date it is one of the top ranked shows on the History Channel, at times with over 5 million viewers per episode.This documentary type show follows the pair on the road as they search old barns, farms, garages, and buildings for cast-off treasure.” he says, referring to William Powell who owns an eponymous home and garden store in Franklin.“He’s been dealing in antiques since the 70s and started buying property.Now he’s one of the area’s most prominent builders,” Wolfe explains.The two have been friends for years, buying and selling antiques together—the fact that Powell built the house sealed the deal.He was working full time as a fire and safety inspector before leaving that career behind to pick full time.In 2010, he and Mike’s show American Pickers began airing on the History Channel network.