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18 Jan

How cool is that For someone to not date due to a learning disability, that is rubbish.

Having dated one young lady in particular during high school, it was the first time people started to believe that I was shallow since her grades were of a 60% average, but she did have a really great personality at the time.

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Disabled Walking, days out, weekends away, going for a lovely pub lunch or food at a restaurant, also camping and bbq's.

There’s a plethora of online dating websites out there but this is the first to focus on people with learning disabilities and learning difficulties.

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Nine years ago, I was in a perfect relationship and then we split up. I wanted to have a new relationship and to go slow. I would like to carry on and make it successful with some one else. Kate: Signing up to the dating agency was easy to do. I would recommend it for people to look for a relationship. She wants to apply, so I am going to give her the contact details to get involved. It saddened me to hear so many of them tell me that I should be with somebody who will most likely have a career. I wasn't worried about that because my heart was very much set to always help her get through life altogether... he is very shallow ur right Have also seeen a trend on many dating sites where in the profile they specify they want their partner to be of a certain level of education, and seem in many cases to confuse this with intelligence.not that such a mention was made for reasons of my own. those who I thought were my friends took it on themselves to humiliate her behind my back... she decided to no longer make the attendance If you count all the dissabilities/ medical/ emotional challenges that are out there... There are many facets and opinions on intelligence and what it comprises of.The community-run group, U-night Group, hopes their social enterprise will encourage people with special needs to form close friendships and relationships.‘Meet ‘N’ match’, the new dating agency, has received funding to further expand into the Lancaster and Morecambe area.She added: “There is a demand locally for people with learning disabilities to find friendships and possibly love.People have already stared to sign up and I’m hoping more people in the Lancaster and Morecambe area will want to get involved.” The group plans to trial activities such as speed dating and comedy and quiz nights, resulting in friendships for those who previously had no access to social events.Ciara met up with BILD employee and romantic Kate who featured in the channel 4 programme The Undateables and went to the Run For Your Wife film premier on behalf of Mencap. Over lunch, Ciara asked Kate a few questions about her experiences of relationships and dating. When they get their needs met with the right help and support, it will be wonderful. A UNIQUE online friendship and dating agency has been created for adults with a learning disability across the north of England.The Luv2meetu site began as a one year pilot in 2007 in Leeds and Wakefield, funded jointly by national learning disability charities Hft and Dimensions UK.