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But the cheques were fraudulent, and the woman lost more than ,000. They're very patient and these relationships can go three, four, five months, into years, and all the while the fraudster is gaining the trust and confidence of the victim with the end result to gain access to her money or credit cards." Mc Guigan warned that while this scam started on social media, they have also been known to start on dating web sites.Mc Guigan said this style of fraud is a very old one, pre-dating the internet, but social media has made it much easier to engage victims. The investigation is ongoing, but Mc Guigan said tracking fraudsters through social media can be very difficult.Genealogy How-To Archival & Acid-Free Conservation How-To Charts, Forms Magnifiers Gift Certificates This rare early history of Prince Edward Island has been reprinted by Global Heritage Press and includes a new index by Patricia Arnold.224 pages pages of original advertisements; orginally published in 1875; this reprint published in 2003; new index from Global Heritage Press; 6" X 9"; hardcover.ISBN 1-897210-74-4 The Early History of the Catholic Church in Prince Edward Island provides an insider's account of the early Catholic Church in Prince Edward Island, Canada. The remaining chapters focus on people and events as they relate to the establishment and development of Catholic Church in Prince Edward Island.However, the book also serves a wider audience -- those with an interest in P. ISBN 97-1-89746-16-4 The author provides an authoritive history of Prince Edward Island during the thirty eight years of the French rgime (1720-1758).The site, maintained by Dave Hunter, is still in its infancy so check back regularly if you have ancestors from Prince Edward Island.

The woman had assumed she was communicating with a man who was romantically interested in her, said Charlottetown Deputy Chief Gary Mc Guigan.ISBN 1-894378-66-0 The book provides a detailed account of emigration of Scottish Catholics to Prince Edward Island, their settlement in the new land, and the establishment of a vibrant community.Everyone with an interest in the history, families and settlement of Prince Edward Island will find this a fascinating peek into the migration of one religious group and how that relates to the overall settlement and history of the island. The first seven chapters deal primarily with discovery, settlement, population increases, war, inbound migration, land division, Highland immigration, etc..It is searchable by keyword and the search may be all inclusive or restrained to a particular repository.The Prince Edward Island Genealogical Society has the Computerized Master Name Index online in a searchable database.Records from 1769 to 1900, such as land registries, books, rent books, and leases, are located in the Public Archives and Records Office (see Prince Edward Island Archives and Libraries for the address.) The archives also houses a number of atlases and maps which show property owners and the location of their property.This site, searchable by name, is composed of early land records such as deeds, land grants, early land leases, and other similar documents submitted by individuals.The results returned from each search will include the name of the petitioner(s), the date of the petition, a description of the petitioner’s request, and links to digitized images of the petition.Personal and family background, immigration history, and the Council’s decision, if mentioned, are also included in the database.” This database contains descriptions of archival holdings held in repositories across Prince Edward Island.From settlement to expulsion, the reader explores the experiences of the inhabitants and learns how the politics of the time affected those French families who chose to settle on le Saint-Jean.ISBN 1-897210-93-0 In their day, the many Island women who served as nurses in WWI didn't see themselves as heroic.