Dating ge vacuum tubes

19 Feb

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Excellent triode curves for the 813 from Frens Mazenier (3.9MB GIF file) Excellent triode curves for the 814 from Frens Mazenier (3.9MB GIF file) Triode curves for the 814 (XLS file) (PDF file) Triode curves for the PT15 (XLS file) (PDF file) Triode curves for the 829B - Thanks to Paul Le Clercq - Tube #1 (XLS) (PDF), tube #2 (XLS) (PDF) Triode curves for the 12GN7A - Thanks to John Atwood - GE, RCA, Sylvania Jeff Duntemann's pages on Compactron tubes and low-voltage tubes 1958 Amperex tubes catalog, with short data (743k B PDF file) 1959 Electron Tubes and Semiconductors short-form data (16MB PDF file) 1963 Electron Tubes short-form data (9MB PDF file) 1956 Hi-Fi and Audio Tubes short-form data (7MB PDF file) "Five-Star Tubes" (PDF, 2MB) - Describes GE's high-reliability tubes, their construction, testing, etc. "GE Essential Characteristics", the whole 228 page book in an indexed PDF file (BIG, 11MB!

In some case, dropping resistors should be used if the higher output voltages often yielded with these diodes will create an unsafe condition.

This is the single best favor you can do your 32S-1 / S-3 or KWM-2 transmitter. Solid State direct replacement modules are much more efficient than their vacuum tube predecessors.

Keep in mind, too, that I bought many tubes at ham radio swap meets not even knowing what the tube inside was, but the unique box compelled me to add it to my collection.

Dating tube boxes is based on educated guesswork from (a) when the tube first appeared in any of my tube manuals (I have dozens to refer to) and (b) articles from past issues of Vacuum Tube Valley dealing with specific tube type history.

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I’d also like to personally thank reader Brent Romanuk for supplying the tube boxes marked ().

Of 6CL6's that are available on the market, this is the best there is.

The GE 6L6GC power tubes in this premium matched pair have gray plates, dual side getters, and black bases.

They also have matching date codes and the 188-5 factory code (Owensboro, Ky). This vintage Svetlana "Winged C" 6H13C dual triode power tube is a Russian 6AS7G tube type popular in OTL and headphone amplifiers.

It has black plates and dual bottom getters with lots of flashing. The GE 7044 tubes in this precisely matched pair have halo getters and gray plates with copper grid posts. Both tubes test as new and are matched for both current draw (m A) and Gm.