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23 Nov

It's so corny I just had to share it ;-) Pretty corny, right? Don't go NUTS while you are battling the MOUNDS of people doing your their last minute shopping. This kit is a collection of candy bars with the following note.Instructions: Drop the candy cane on the floor and tread it into the carpet. Now when your room-mate gets back from his/her party, they'll think you had a party too, and won't know that you had a quiet night in. A lot of these candy bars are only available in the USA, so if you live elsewhere you'll need to improvise.Blow the noise maker and toss it in a corner somewhere. (adapted from something I saw on Yahoo Answers) I had to groan when I found this one. The RIESEN for this greeting is to wish you a CAREFREE Christmas season!There will be GOOD and PLENTY time to worry about that in January.Even though the path to Christmas may be a ROCKY ROAD, just think of all the ALMOND JOY you will receive when your friends and family see how well they SKORed with all those gifts. At the end of the day, ask that BIG HUNK of yours to be a LIFESAVER and make you a cup of TEA. even if they groan at the puns, at least they'll enjoy the candy bars :-) I hope you enjoyed my Christmas Survival Kit ideas. or any colorful treat that has all of the colors listed in this adorable poem!

Here are a few general tips for keeping up with your college studies: Nothing is more important than staying focused and at your peak in the classroom.

Everyone talks about nurturing good habits, but what exactly does that mean? It is important to nurture good habits while at university, but what exactly does that mean?

Before you head off to college, learn and practice basic money management.

Sit back, relax and may your PEANUT BUTTER CUP overflow with SPECIAL TREASURES of holiday memories. You can mix-and-match ideas to come up with your own survival kits.

There is nothing, we repeat NOTHING, worse than being on an absolutely stellar first date and having disaster strike — you dribble red wine on your brand new blouse, you come down with a sickening headache, or worse of all, you get your period…and you’re wearing white. Prevent these little nuances from coming between you and your maybe-could-possibly-be dream man with the 29Secrets trusty first date survival kit.