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The company has also been the target of accusations of improperly dealing with human rights issues, influence on American foreign policy, and its impact on the future of nations.

Both Exxon and Mobil were descendants of Standard Oil, established by John D.

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with daily production of 3.921 million BOE (barrels of oil equivalent); but significantly smaller than a number of national companies.

In 2008, this was approximately 3 percent of world production, which is less than several of the largest state-owned petroleum companies.

In 1931, Socony merged with Vacuum Oil to form Socony-Vacuum.

The former Mobil headquarters in Fairfax County, Virginia, were used as Exxon Mobil's downstream headquarters Following the break-up of Standard Oil in 1911, the Standard Oil Company of New York, or Socony, was founded, along with 33 other successor companies.

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Mobil, previously known as the Socony-Vacuum Oil Company, is a major American oil company which merged with Exxon in 1999 to form a parent company called Exxon Mobil.

It was previously one of the Seven Sisters which dominated the global petroleum industry from the mid-1940s until the 1970s.