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21 Feb

White men commonly say they enjoy hunting and fishing, black men “dreads” and “neo-soul,” and Asian men “tall for an Asian.” But race isn’t the only jarring instance of discrimination that Ok Cupid’s users face.

Although women tend to respond to profiles that are closer to their own age, men consistently respond the most to women in their early 20s — even when they have reached their 50s.

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These fabrics were made into dresses, slacks, and skirts.

Ok Cupid first started matching couples in 2004, long before dating apps like Tinder were pulling in tens of millions users a day.

Since then, the world of online dating has become revolutionized, not just because people can get on Ok Cupid without computer access, but also in the way finding love on the internet has lost much of its negative stigma.

Black men and women get about a 25 percent discount in terms of the replies they get from other users, volume of message they get, ratings they get — and that’s not just from whites but also Asian and Latino voters.” Discrimination isn’t the only way that race plays into Ok Cupid’s romance chasing.

Christian has also made some bizarrely stereotypical discoveries about what phrases are the most commonly found in each racial category’s information.