Daytime dating audiobook

28 Oct

I just assumed the approach I took — voicing a distinctive personality for each major character — would be best suited for this medium as well." Her goal, she explains, was to make a movie for the mind. Business Insider spoke with Raudman about how she got into the fascinating world of audiobooks, and the most exciting and surprising aspects of her job.

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This weekend I’m releasing the Day Bang audiobook edition in MP3 format at a discounted price.

Nach 30 Tagen erhalten Sie dann monatlich ein Hörbuch Ihrer Wahl für 9,95 Euro pro Monat.

Ihr monatliches Hörbuch können Sie immer frei aus über 200.000 Titeln aussuchen.

The total length is 6 hours and 27 minutes (click here to read three early reviews).

To celebrate the release, I’m doing three specials that end Sunday at midnight: Includes the unrestricted MP3 files. Price: ›› Click Here To Buy The Audiobook Only ‹‹ Includes the MP3 files and also the ebook in PDF, MOBI, and EPUB formats.