Deanna russo and justin bruening dating

20 Dec

With nothing else to watch, and with a fair amount of nostalgic rubbernecking among audience members of a certain age (I'll admit to wanting my own talking Trans Am as a kid), the movie drew more than 13 million viewers, and NBC decided to press their luck and turn it into a series.

But nostalgia only gets you a one-time audience at best, as NBC execs are hopefully realizing as they look at the ratings for the CW's "90210" remake.

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They threaten his daughter if he does not co-operate and Graiman suffers a fatal heart attack.

Melting snow and ice is quicker and easier with it's premium blend of calcium, potassium, and sodium chloride and rock salt.

Briefly attended Chadron State College in Chadron, Nebraska, a town of approximately 6,000, located in the northwestern panhandle, 19 miles south of the South Dakota border.

How many things are wrong with NBC's "Knight Rider" remake? Or is all you need to know that NBC is doing a "Knight Rider" remake?

The hubris and lack of rational thought involved in producing this stinker are kind of mind-boggling, though less so in a TV week that already gave us that five-headed Emmy-hosting monstrosity.