Fat girls chat d link dir 615 validating identity

23 Oct

say I am about 5'2" and well probably 220 pounds, or 215. Last time I did I was 195 and I gained at least 10 pounds since then. I'm in a stage where I eat whatever I want and whenever I feel like it. For nearly as long as I can remember I have been fat, chubby, overweight.. My mother has always made it seem like being fat is one of the worst things you can be.

I have had friends with eating disorders and most friends I have are thin. and I was home alone all day, so basically I just stuffed myself the entire day. I could feel my tank top being tighter holding my ever growing belly. It used to be almost basically flat, but now it has pudge over it it. cuz my mom is and maybe cuz I eat when i am sad and when I am happy lol.

This Morning viewers were left ‘in fits of laughter’ on Monday morning when Philip Schofield asked an American woman who wants to be the fattest women in the world when she would next be eating.

He was branded ‘savage’ and a ‘legend’ by viewers who watched as Phil used a particularly special brand of British humour to query Monica and Sid Riley about their habits.

I like the way I look, I got curves lol just not always where i want them :/ but I still like it.

EP gonna pause this site, maybe we need to find another place for our friendship, even love.

Anyway, I have lots of fun at EP and hope we can...

I'd love to be able to walk through the forest with her.

It would be such a stunning contrast between nature and her fat, jiggling and slapping and rubbing as she huffs slowly though the forest. where the gainer denies how big she's gotten or she talks/complains about how fat she is, and then goes on to say something like, "But you like me this fat don't you", and then talks about how much larger you might like to see her and for all my life I've felt like an outcast. I've always wished that I could be attracted to skinny women but it doesn't work for me.