Fine not updating address driving licence

16 Apr

New licences will be issued for free by the DVLA after you have provided the requisite information.

In addition to keeping their licence address up to date, drivers must also keep their photo is not out of date or they risk another £1,000 fine.

The Direct Line research also found that three per cent of married women still have their maiden name on their driving licence while two per cent of motorists admit they should have informed the DVLA about a notifiable medical condition, such as physical disability or visual impairment, since their current licence was issued.

Holding an out-of-date or otherwise invalid licence does not remove your entitlement to drive but further action, including the possibility of a fine, can come about if you need to show your licence to a policeman, hire a car or commit a driving offence abroad.

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online assistance services If you recently moved to the state of North Carolina, or relocated to a new address within North Carolina, you will need to file an address change.

Money Saving expert Martin Lewis revealed on ITV’s This Morning last month that drivers who fail to update the ‘4b’ photo on their licence could received up to £1,000 fine.

It is important they are kept up to date to ensure the details are correct, the photograph is a current likeness and that licences in circulation contain the latest security features to protect against fraud.'Appearances can change and it is important that the Police and other enforcement agencies have the best possible photograph to help correctly identify drivers.UK drivers must inform the Government agency whenever they relocate – even if it is temporary, like a move to university during term time, for example.Changing an address with the DVLA does not cost you a penny – but it is vital to avoid getting stung with a fine. Find all of the information you need to perform any drivers license process all in one place.It does not matter whether you are applying to obtain your first license to drive or if you are updating or renewing a long-held driving license.This helps prevent driving licence impersonation - stopping disqualified and perhaps dangerous drivers taking to our roads.'Correction: Originally in the article Direct Line incorrectly said that by 2015, paper driving licences will be phased out and all new drivers will be issued with photo-card licences.The DVLA has since contacted This is Money to clarify that existing paper licences will continue to be valid after 2015, with new drivers issued with photo-card licences.There’s no fee if you’re over 70 or have a medical short period licence.You can’t register your new address on your British driving assistance services If you recently moved to the state of Georgia, or relocated to a new address within Georgia, you will need to file an address change.Once you have visited a post office in Georgia to change your address, you can then proceed with changing the address on your Georgia drivers license, which is the first step to ensuring all your credentials reflect your address change.