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26 Nov

No requests without tips, previews, or free samples.[Verse 1: Juelz Santana] Ayo lately i've been going through some family matters My mother keep telling me "family matters" I got this attitude like, damn these matters I'm grown now, I know how to handle matters Chrome four four handle magnums In case he run and now I don't get a chance to grab'em dog I'll catch you while you parallel parkin' Gun in each hand start parallel sparkin' Kill you and your man put y'all in parallel coffins Yeah these big guns we riding with And my clips stay wide and shit The bullets stay the size of Twix You don't wanna get popped with this Homeboy so watch your lips Y'all talk real tough but I know y'all very weak You fucking with a ghetto beast that never sleeps I don't need a hundred niggas to settle beef Just my arm and hand stretched out with that metal piece Ye all laughing and think it's a game 'Til I pop you and you leaking in pain Oh you in a casket and ya baby mom thinks it's a shame [Verse 2: Jim Jones] Now I'ma have my mommy mad again When she found out that I'm back to playing with these keys like Tommy Flanagan And my girl said if I have to tell my man again If you end up in that can again I'm through with your shenanigans But I'm back on the corner and I'm panicking With a big gun that'll have you stiffer than a mannequin Shit is brain damaging All this cocaine handling You can catch me on the corner crazy crispy with the chain dangling And in the same way I'm running the clubs Oh yeah dogs I'm one of those thugs That's allowed and drunk pissy and blooded on drugs Shit a hundred of bloods my gun and my slugs The way I be feeling y'all niggas want it then WHAAAT? To become a premium (GOLD) member for life and unlock this feature, all you have to do is buy any amount of tokens one time!😉 Witness this teacher student indulging in sexual extracurricular activity after class as they suck each other dry!I bet if your friend's girlfriend or wife was as sexy and horny as this desi huge ass wife, you too would be tempted to seduce her for a sex session!Best Collection of free web cam sex videos and teen webcam porn movies.young couples fucking for you · lesbians on webcam.I had you pay the ultimate price Like dealing with my vultures ain't nice They coming for them long chains and pieces that sculpt you with ice Just the same shit that scuffed my life Ah fuck it man this culture ain't right Some say I hopped out the jag and the rag fell But I say when I hopped out the jag did you know that the top of the rag fell [Verse 3: Cam'ron] Ayo everybody out at the Up in smoke tour I was uptown gats out up in coke wars Bootleg gunshop up in both stores Both grip, both hands held both 4's Ups downs highs lows see both doors Die or to live decisions are both yours But two cats fronted I broke both jaws I'm with 2 chicks you know I fucked both whores Homicide, robbery I broke both laws I do you like food I assume you roast yours I been so poor couldn't afford a condom had to go raw Next day in the free clinic, oh lord!When you became a willy Is you insane or silly I will aim the milli dog yeah at your brain for rilly It's not a game my nilly I'ma do this 'til every last damn chain is chilly How many came to kill me I hustle with greed my voice is real bitter She fuck up my money ain't no choice but to hit her Bust your [?

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