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28 Oct

No truth: People close to Jackson have denied claims that he bulled the chimp saying he was treated like a king. In the Congo it means 'close to dying' - and that is exactly how she was found when she was taken in by the Jane Goodall Institute's Tchimpounga Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Center in the Republic of Congo.But the story describes a complex socioeconomic system that, unless we can change it, will lead to the extinction of these amazing beings.It is indeed a complicated situation but “The Ivory Game” explains how each of us can take action to right this wrong.— and his allies across the globe — have freed Manno from zoo captivity, relocating him to a sanctuary in Kenya this week.Goodall and her staff helped secure a new home for Manno at the Sweetwaters Chimpanzee Sanctuary near Nanyuki in central Kenya.

I have seen how, when people come together around a cause, huge change can happen.For some hours our run through the park was conducted in quiet, but then, suddenly, a chorus of male chimpanzee pant hoots shattered the tranquillity of the forest. She greeted each of them, bowing and then turning to present her swelling for inspection.The males examined her per- functorily and resumed grooming one another, showing no further interest.The journey involved traveling by road on the back of a pick-up and then after 20 minutes of sailing down the river, the group reach a magical wild place: an island composed of hundreds of hectares of pristine and mysterious tropical forest surrounded by river water. Goodall as she tells the story of how Wounda a female chimpanzee has been reintroduced in the wild on the island of Tchindzoulou after staying at Tchimpounga sanctuary when she was rescued Life has changed dramatically for these chimps.Today, they can roam freely, feeling the wet earth under their feet, smelling the scents from the lush vegetation and listen to the island’s mysterious sounds while they explore their new surroundings.A look at the social fragmentation that led to a four-year war in the 1970s now reveals similarities between the ways chimpanzee and human societies break down.Jane Goodall has been studying the chimpanzees of Gombe for over 50 years.At first I was surprised by their indifference to a potential mate.Then I realized that it would be many days before the female’s swelling blossomed into the large, shiny sphere that signals ovulation.World famous primatologist Jane Goodall had already heard about the plight of a young chimpanzee stuck in an Iraqi zoo when she met a Canadian man intent on freeing him at an event in Edmonton.Now, over a year later, she is overjoyed by the news that Spencer Sekyer, a high school teacher from Sherwood Park, Alta.