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29 Mar

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This made sense as it was the day when the working week was done and people were free to attend the simple marriage ceremonies that were available at the time.

As the decades and years rolled by and as the Catholic religion developed and reasserted itself in Ireland, the choice of Sunday became frowned upon as it was often seen as a mark of disrespect.

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Many have died out over the years or are confined to just a certain part of the country.Yet, while many of us are organised about employment or a mortgage, says Avril Mulcahy, a singles coach who runs clinics in Cork and Dublin, we often leave our love-lives to chance. But I’m amazed by the people who approach this side of their life passively and haphazardly.” Prince or Princess Charming won’t fall out of the sky.“You need to approach this with a bit of preparation and focus.” Into their 30s, says Mulchay, many people strive for a genuine relationship, yet they forget to put the work and thought into finding the right person.Which is what most of us yearn for — even though we might have just emerged from a difficult breakup.“There’s a compulsion in a lot of us to share our lives with some other person,” says relationship counsellor and sex therapist, Eithne Bacuzzi.It was a wonderful little surprise to see that, as we passed in our cars, people in the area had lit bonfires of sticks in front of their houses.They waved to us as we went by and shared in the happiness of the day.Sometimes, it is simply because they may have disappeared and are remembered only by some of the older people.Other times it is because they are just limited to just a specific, province, county or village.I remember going to a friend’s wedding a few years ago in a small village called Caltra near Ballinasloe in East Galway.When the wedding ceremony finished in the church we all headed to the reception in our cars.