Is matt czuchry dating alexis bledel

08 Mar

answered many of our most burning questions about the beloved series, including which ex-boyfriend Rory would return to.However, it seems that the Netflix revival has made a controversial choice when it comes to the younger Gilmore's highly debated love life.I thought he was chosen for the boyfriend on GG because the producers realized no other producers would try to steal him away the way they did with Padelicki, CMM or Ventimiglia.The first time I saw him on the show, I thought he was a lesbian. I had a friend who interned on GG for the last 2 seasons and she said that was exactly the case.

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The actor reportedly said, "I'm enjoying dating.But I suppose, Matt is really good at keeping things inside the box. Their chemistry on the screen is really good, and they help each other a lot. But what he did say was that, Alexis is a really hard working girl and they both try their best to make the scenes best they possibly can and do their job to the best ability for the show. But what he exactly said was “No, I’m enjoying dating. So, they might have had an affair in the past or might be still seeing each other. I am gonna share his interview with you guys, here you go. Then they tried a reunion with Dean that was one of the worst thought out storylines ever.If they were trying to say that Rory was destined to be like her mom and be a single woman with lousy taste in men, they did a great job. Not that he's a bad actor particularly, but he always plays Chris Noth whether he's in The Good Wife, L&O: CI or SITC.They're both in the same place at the same time in this particular story, so it's a mutual relationship that they're carrying on." Bledel admitted that she was initially taken aback when she learned that both Rory and Logan would be involved in other relationships while still sleeping with each other."It did surprise me," the 35-year-old actress confessed of the couple's infidelities.We got the opportunity to do an interview with Matt Czuchry, the star from "Gilmore Girls".He talked about the show, his hopes for the upcoming season, his relationship with Alexis and answered questions from his fans...Over the course of the four 90-minutes episodes, fans discovered that not only are Rory and Logan still seeing (and sleeping with!) each other, but they're doing it behind the backs of their respective significant others.