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15 Oct

The first modern conformation dog show was held in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England, in June 1859, and the only breeds scheduled were pointers and setters.

A conformation dog show is not a comparison of one dog to another but a comparison of each dog to a judge's mental image of the ideal breed type as outlined in the individual breed's breed standard.

I am hoping I'll find that woman that will do my German shepherd and let me film her and join in.

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She was unaware it was illegal.'The court heard there were at least eight photographs of Bowditch having sex with dogs and some 30 moving images.

Women would have sex with dogs before having sex with their male owners.

When her home was searched police found a DVD and a USB stick containing film of her with dogs.

Victoria Rose, prosecuting, told Lincoln Crown Court: 'When the DVD was analysed it was found to contain extreme images.'Those images portrayed persons committing penetrative sexual acts with dogs.'Also included were images of this defendant herself carrying out sexual activity.'Included was an eight minute and 59 seconds video of Mrs Bowditch engaging in vaginal and oral sex with a St Bernard dog named Oscar.'When the defendant was interviewed she admitted she had penetrative sex with dogs.'She accepted it had taken place over several years.

When puberty arrives, under the influence of a sea of hormones, dogs and bitches begin to get the true message about the joy of sex and, when opportunities arise, are driven to act on this compulsion.

Dogs and bitches have different approaches to sexual behavior and are on different time lines.