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21 Sep

.) I have decided that she, not yet 26, is a ferocious talent and pleasant provocatrix, journalistic and diaristic in her approach.

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This was followed by a "censored" homosexual kiss in 1996, which infuriated gay activists after the BBC cut the kiss from its original two seconds to a half-second, so they would not "startle" viewers.

ET: What was your initial reaction when you read that Pope was going to kill Catherine?

Shawn Hatosy: When I read it, I threw the script on the ground and I was like “What the hell is going on?!

Moments after the two had sex, Pope did the only thing he could think of to protect his family name, suffocating Catherine with her own pillow and burying her in a ditch -- all while Lena was asleep in the car.

Hatosy jumped on the phone with ET to discuss Tuesday’s game-changing episode, why Pope killed Catherine and what this means for the Cody family and the rest of the series moving forward.