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03 Sep

Whole Foods Marketing Team Leader Paul Clements says, “We have a lot of shoppers that come in of all age demographics that are single, but they have a food interest, and, you know, they don’t want to go to a bar and meet somebody.” After one of the chain’s South Florida stores had success with speed dating, Clements says he decided to try it out in the two-week-old Tallahassee location.

Tuesday’s event, for 26-to-35 year olds, brought out six daters, including Candace Kennedy. And I’ve never done it before, but I’ve never known where you could do it here in Tallahassee.

But it’s a different local grocery store that’s officially embracing supermarket lust—with a series of speed-dating events this week.

The newly opened Midtown Whole Foods Market on Thomasville Road is inviting shoppers to walk down the grocery aisle for love.

Here's how it works; We'll have a pool of hundreds of singletons looking for love.

We'll select people that might match and include them in a round of speed dating on the radio.

Although the grocery chain doesn’t flaunt it, one Tallahassee Publix store has long had a reputation as a place to meet potential dates, earning it the nickname Club Pub.Also, you’ll learn just how awful a person you can be and, if you’re attractive enough, still reel in the dates.(CBS) — Dating has its ups and downs, but over at Navy Pier they’ve put a new spin on meeting new people.An event for mamas of all stripes to get matched up with their next new BFF. Who is the creator of Speed Dating for Mom Friends? Hillary Frank, host of , started Speed Dating for Mom Friends because she herself had a tough time finding mom friends she really connected with. It looks like that picture above, from our San Francisco event. So get yourself on our mailing list below and be among the first to get the scoop when we spread our Speed Dating wings. And if we do say so ourselves, we are a pretty fun crew. Wait, I had a different question and you didn’t answer it! They will then have the chance to suggest someone they might like to meet up with, although if they don't feel that anyone is the match they can walk away to fight for another day.If two singletons would like to meet up we'll arrange a safe meet up, provide a tasty meal (and maybe some wine to help ease the nerves) and even pay for the lot. Register below to take part in Radio Tinder and take the first step to finding the perfect partner.“We just talked about doing beer instead of wine," he said. That’ll probably help.” Despite the warm reception to the speed-dating idea—at least from the six daters present—the concept got the store some pushback on Facebook. Speed Dating for Mom Friends is just what it sounds like.2/21 10a: The students in the University of New Mexico's Opera Theatre perform in "A Night with Puccini," February 22-24 at UNM's Keller Hall in Albuquerque.The performance includes two works, the one-act opera, "Suor Angelica," and the first work Puccini wrote for the stage, the opera "Le Villi." The performance is the first of "Le Villi" in Albuquerque.