Macdonald consolidating strike

28 Aug

Velocity plans to keep Cover’s brand alive and its 20 employees on board.

In addition to the acquisition, Velocity announced “greenshoe” financing that adds million in new equity funding to the million Series A round it raised over the summer.

Erdene recently completed a .5 million financing and royalty sale with the Vancouver-based bullion miner.

And earlier this month, the firm secured a 0,000 private placement from copper exploration partner Teck Resources (TSX: TCK.

But we’ve never forgotten where we came from, or why we’re here.

We’re called The Safety Company for a reason – a very important reason: Our goal, every single day, is to provide our customers with dependable, high-quality products, instruments, and service to help ensure a safe return home at the end of each work day.

There are nearly three times as many nonprofit hospitals as for-profit hospitals in the U. — 2,845 nonprofit community hospitals and 1,034 for-profit community hospitals, according to the American Hospital Association.

We’ve led the way with small first-aid kits and portable methane detectors, and harnessed new technologies to produce state-of-the-art thermal imaging cameras, ballistic helmets, and leading edge systems for gas and flame detection.

“They want to see consolidation in this space,” Yusuf says. Yusuf says Velocity will look for more acquisitions.

With its acquisition of Cover, Velocity kicks off the deal action.“There are a lot of people chasing this market and we’re not all going to win,” adds Cover co-founder Mark Egerman. “Spotify is the only company I can think of that that’s come to the U. The company aims to be a one-stop-shop for a restaurant’s tech needs, and it’s coming close to achieving that.

Located within the mineral-rich Tian Shan Gold Belt, 160 km from the border with China, the project’s first drilling results show that Erdene’s executives intuition wasn’t wrong.

The Halifax, Nova Scotia-based miner announced fresh results Tuesday for a 3,845-metre drill program that began in April to follow up on initial figures and test more prospect areas over a 1.7 km trend.