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10 Apr

This expansion was accompanied by broader requirements for reporting abuse: previously reports were only submitted when an incident caused serious physical injury, but as the definitions changed, more minor physical injuries and developmental and psychological trauma began to be included as well.

Overall, the total number of substantiations in Australia has nearly doubled since 2001 (1.77 times higher) but have shown a slight downward trend since 2005-06.

Senate Bill 176 allows agencies to delete videos after 15 days.

The proposal, led by six black lawmakers, comes amid a national debate over police killings of black men, women and children.

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Sandoval said the bill would tarnish Nevada’s image as a business-friendly state.

Nevada is joining South Carolina as the only states with laws directing all police officers to wear body cameras. Brian Sandoval signed a Democratic bill on Thursday making audio-visual recording devices a standard feature of uniforms for any law enforcement officer who routinely interacts with the public.

It expands a 2015 law directing Nevada Highway Patrol officers to wear body cameras on duty.

Assembly Bill 241 requires public bathrooms in new buildings be equipped with baby-changing tables starting Oct. The bill exempts buildings where children are not allowed.

Senate Bill 196 was introduced by Senate Majority Leader Aaron Ford, D-Las Vegas, and was passed by the Democratic majority in both houses.