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It also shows the family crest of the Matsumura family, sporting the character of “►US ►CA ►UK ►NL ► DE ►FR ►ES ►IT Matsumura himself pointed out that the “Seven Virtues of Martial Arts” were praised by a wise man in an ancient manuscript, a manuscript that has remained obscure ever since. Also given as Tekkayun てっかゆん, that is, 手使ゆん, and from there Te o tsukau 手を使う. Der vorliegende Sammelband umfasst Beiträge von Mitgliedern des ) zu Geschichte, Literatur und Praxis japanischer Kampf- und Kriegskünste.

Now the ultimate source of this wondrous composition has been discovered and verified. Bei dem Forschungskreis handelt es sich um einen Zusammenschluss wissenschaftlich-japanologisch arbeitender Personen, die sich mit verschiedenen Themenfeldern unter je spezifischem Blickwinkel befassen. Mit einem Vorwort von Andreas Niehaus und Beiträgen von David Bender, Heiko Bittmann, Henning Wittwer, Julian Braun, Martin Stehli-Ono und Markus Sesko.

As the head instructor and technical adviser of the Tamerrian Martial Art Institute, his lifelong dedication to martial arts led him to explore their origins and the surprising presence of entheogenic mixtures at the founding of many schools of martial arts.

Iyi has traveled the world to learn more from other practitioners, and here he shares a little of what he has learned.

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THIS is the true story of the seven virtues of martial arts as described by Matsumura Sokon. Generally an outdoors meeting of young men and women during the middle of the night, enyoing eating, drinking, and song and dance. Traditional entertainment danced at the time of the Bon festival (Buddhist remembrance of the dead) in Okinawa. Such it appears that the officials sent out to the local areas by the central government were responsible for law and order in these regions, necessitating troops and weaponry themselves, which would have been provided – at least partially – by troops and equipment from magazines owned by the local communities and still in existence from the previous rule of the Anji. This is the tradition of , yet just as a simile since — just as so many other things — conceptions were simply completely different back in the kingdom.

Considered the primary source-text of old-style Okinawan martial arts, the “Seven Virtues” are admired for their straightforward advice. [58] Bugei-odori 武藝踊り, or in Okinawan dialect Bujīmōi ぶじーも. After finishing the Ūkui ウークイ (escort of the spirit of a deceased person to the burial place), and after offering a dance in a circle of persons, they would go round from door to door. And this appears to be the real meaning of Shō Shin’s weapons management orders. Modern words do not apply well there without explicit terminilogical definition.