Online dating blind people

03 Apr

(I once almost pulled this off, except my date, rather than consenting to be whisked, extended her hand and announced loudly, “Hi, Bob, I’m Suzy, from! I know it’s easier said than done, but cultivating a relaxed-yet-alert demeanor (think James Dean killing time on a street corner) will not only make the people around you less nervous, it’ll help convince your date that you’re not a stark raving Zagnut.

Don’t look too intently at every person who walks by; tell yourself you’re relaxed, confident, and looking forward to meeting your date.

It’s that you’re convinced that everyone in the immediate vicinity—customers, wait staff, random people walking their dogs on the street—know exactly why you’re standing there so meekly and are having a good laugh at your expense.

Well, as someone who’s gone on more blind dates than you’ve had hot appetizers, let me tell you: It doesn’t have to be this way.

“It’s usually in between our initial contact and our first date that I tell them,” Jolliff says.

The app uses six-second voice clips as the "sell", with the focus on personality rather than looks.She can distinguish lights from darks, and her seeing-eye dog helps her navigate the world. For Jolliff, such dating platforms are largely incompatible with Voiceover, a screen reading software she uses on her i Phone.Yet her dog can’t help her swipe right or left on Tinder. They’re also completely image-based, she says, meaning they don’t reflect how she experiences life.Through the years, I’ve had my fair share of questions about blind people in relation to dating and romance and so I’m going to write a post addressing some of the most common questions both me and a lot of my fellow blindies have received.I hope it solves a few mysteries for you sighted people out there.I’ve also had sighted men ask how they can attract a blind woman.Blind women are the same as any women out there, so there’s no one answer to that question.Just consult the following tips, and whiling away the time ‘til your would-be swain arrives should be (nearly) as painless as a semi-annual trip to the dentist. A few weeks ago, I made the mistake of agreeing to meet my date at a hip, bustling restaurant in midtown Manhattan.Since it was too crowded inside for her to find me, I lingered outside on the sidewalk, the only free patch of which was directly in front of the restaurant’s menu—meaning I had to step aside every few minutes so curious passers-by could check the place out.Hearing someone’s voice, observing what they are talking about or perhaps get an idea of their physique by holding an arm or shaking hands as well as their voice can be enough to know that you fancy them.Smell is also important.” I’m sorry Mr Fit body Soft voice, but you aint showered in ages, or you don’t use any interesting aftershave or cream to make you smell interesting.” So going away from personality, which obviously is important whether sighted or blind, physique, good smell and nice voice are things a blind person will go on to determine whether they like you or not.