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21 Oct

Like everything else, each of us is made up of those energies in unique combinations.Our particular constitution lends us to certain strengths and weaknesses, the weaknesses often the causative factor in sickness, pain, or a less than a vibrant life.This philosophy views humans as three intertwined aspects: body, mind and spirit.In addition, it takes into account the 5 elements, Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, or Metal and assumes humans are part of nature and subject to the laws of nature.In a Yin Yoga class the poses are held for much longer than the yang styles, often around 5 minutes during which time the teacher guides you through breathing and connecting with your body.Yin Yoga also focusses on the lower part of the body (Yin) more than the upper (Yang)– the legs, hips, and lower back tend to feature most in Yin Yoga classes. Modern life as we know it is fuller now than it has ever been.

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Bay Marine’s service department represents the marine industry’s most recognizable companies such as Garmin, Mercury Marine, Raymarine, Volvo Penta, Yanmar and numerous others.I participated in a debate sponsored by the Skeptics Society, pitting Michael Shermer and myself against Dinesh D’Souza and Ian Hutchinson.I was also part of a panel discussion on the Discovery Channel a special in which Stephen Hawking proclaimed the death of God.In 2004 I co-taught (with Shadi Bartsch) a course on the history of atheism at the University of Chicago.In addition to the writings there are a few videos where I talk about naturalism.Its ultimate purpose was aimed as a path to spiritual awakening and the attainment of enlightenment.However nowadays, the trend of practicing yoga has been growing more and more popular and considered as an approach to physical exercise and stress management.The physical focus of Yin Yoga is on the deeper connective tissues – the tendons, ligaments, fascia, joints and bones.These tissues and structures are by nature more dense (Yin) and less flexible than the more pliable (yang) muscles so require slower and minutely focussed movements to access them.To accomplish this, a thorough intake is needed to get to know you.This will focus on your health goals and expectations. It is also important in 5 Element acupuncture to do a physical assessment of your health.