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24 Mar

But sometimes, an actor looks just like they did when they were a kid.

That’s true for Raviv (Ricky) Ullman, who starred in the Disney Channel series .

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When we look at Disney Channel stars then and now, sometimes the differences are striking.A number of Pride events will take place throughout the month, including Los Angeles’ weeklong festival from Monday through June 11. C.’s Capital Pride runs from Thursday through June 11, while the NYC Pride March takes place later this month on June 25.” Footwear News 20-plus Rare Photos Reveal A Hidden Side Of Freddie Mercury That His Fans Never Saw “During his lifetime, Freddie Mercury kept his sexuality a secret (albeit one hiding in plain sight, considering the chosen name of his band).A newly unearthed serious of photos reveals a different side of the iconic singer, featuring him in several intimate moments with his boyfriend Jim Hutton, and their bond is certainly evident throughout the 20-plus photos.Written by the performer himself, #Big Bright Star is a clever, campy reflection on Harder’s career in the gay porn industry.Harder (his real name, convenient for the industry), with his occasional sidekick Movie Star Barbie, takes the audience on a journey through the world of adult entertainment.” The Reviews Hub 7 Best Multicolor Sneakers for Pride Month Out Now “Pride Month is in full swing, and some of the top athletic footwear brands are getting in on the festivities with collections celebrating the LGBT community.This time he had some naked fun running wild in what looks to be an abandoned parking garage.Oh to have been a seagull sitting on a light post watching these shenanigans would have been a treat.” Accidental Bear We’re not sure if this is a Top Ten of the Week or an Anaconda convention!The series was executive produced by Steven Soderbergh, George Clooney, and Grant Heslov.It follows the misadventures of three struggling actors, who are all in the same acting class in Los Angeles, California, as they make the rounds from auditions to rejection, to personal struggle and to satisfaction.On the show, Raviv played Phil, a teen boy from the future who has to learn to figure out life in the present.Raviv was totally adorable on the show, which aired from 2004-2006, and he hasn’t changed much since.