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17 Apr

In the sequence we show here: Scotland’s saltire of St Andrew, England’s cross of St George, and Northern Ireland’s saltire of St Patrick. Although David Cameron calls the UK “countries within a country” the countries are not equal.

England is a kingdom, Wales was a Principality, with Prince Charles as its Prince [In 2012 the ISO officially redesignated Wales as a country], and Northern Ireland is described variously as a “province” and a “territory”.

Although mostly associated with Scotland St Andrew is also the patron saint of Romania, Russia, Ukraine and Greece.

According to legend an angel supposedly told the Greek monk St Rule to take St Andrew's remains to the "ends of the earth".

There is only one company which makes all of the flags for all of Mr Trump’s golf resorts.

The flag was one of three which were delivered to the hotel in a bag brought over from America by the flag-maker.” READ MORE: Thousands sign petition urging Donald Trump to visit Scottish mosque It is just one of the many over-the-top accessories which now adorn the hotel transformed by Mr Trump’s empire at Turnberry.

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Now adorning the hotel’s grand staircase, it took six months to make.He is said to have been crucified on an X-shaped cross, which would later become the Saltire symbol found in Scotland's flag.St Andrew is also the patron saint of singers, spinsters, maidens, old maids, fishmongers and women seeking to become mothers.The middle part of the search engine's logo has been replaced with a Scottish scene showing a loch a fisherman and various landmark structures.The image also features three fluttering Saltires blowing in the wind.St Andrew, who was a fisherman and one of Jesus’ disciples, is credited with preaching the word of God across Greece and Asia Minor during the 1st century.He was killed by Romans in the Greek city of Patras.It is now looking for people in Somerset to support the two causes, Somerset Seals Salute Scotland and A Feast Fit For A Ferret.Sue Campbell, of the PSA president, said: “The annual subscriptions and donations are used to purchase veterinary supplies and food for these wonderful creatures who through no fault of their own find themselves distressed and in need of assistance.” The seals scheme aims to help creatures like Spectre, who was found very subdued and coughing badly, at half the weight it should have been.Somehow Wales fails to appear in any form on the flag, Ireland gets thinned out, and Scotland trumped by the big red cross of St George.Back in 1707, the other kingdom, Scotland was profoundly unhappy, and produced their own design with the white saltire dominant, which they cleverly wanted to use north of the border.