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16 Sep

In 2010, Vernon Kay hit the headlines after he was accused of sending x-rated texts to glamour model Rhian Sugden, but his wife Tess Daly decided to stand by him.

In the same year, the comedian Jason Manford stepped down from his presenting role at The One Show when he was caught out exchanging sexy Twitter messages with a female fan - he and his wife have since split.

When I spoke with her about it, her views were 180 degrees different from mine.

She felt that that as a feminist, this was her way of taking a stand against male oppression (!

Teaching your child not to talk to strangers is one of the first lessons in life that a parent gives their child. Kids are naturally curious and many kids visit them thinking it’s no big deal. They are disturbing and ripe with nudity and explicit disgusting sexual behavior in addition to being havens for predators.Just this week we've seen Kelly Brook's (now ex) man David Mcintosh accused of sending inappropriate messages to an ex and Conservative MP Brooks Newmark was forced to resign from his post as Minister for Civil Society after he sent pictures of himself in paisley pyjamas to a reporter posing as a woman on What's App.It's hardly the first time a celebrity has been involved in such scandal.The conversations can be sexually offensive and violent. Even seemingly safe “kids” chat rooms can be dangerous.Instant messaging, also known as IMing, is a common form of person-to-person instant communication.I feel participating in a site like this is dangerous, damaging to self-esteem, objectifies women, etc.My question is this: Does anyone in the BPN community have any recommendations of articles/essays/etc.Yahoo, Google and other browsers also have messaging programs, as do most social networking websites, such as Facebook and My Space.Many instant messaging programs have “online buddy locators,” which means you can be alerted to the fact that one of your buddies has come online. All they have to do is sit and wait for a certain child to come online.Jan 2013 When my college-aged daughter was home over the holidays I learned she was posting nude photos of herself on a site where men pay to view photos, live chat, view videos and exchange messages with women.Needless to say, I was extremely disturbed, and scared for her.