Updating address on drivers license texas

14 Jan

This change was mandated by the 83rd Texas Legislature in House Bill 3142.

Passport-style Photos For security purposes and processing efficiency, DPS is now utilizing the Texas Driver License or ID Card photo on file for Concealed Handgun Licenses.

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The address of just one UPS Store in southwest Austin, for instance, was listed by 45 Texas drivers as their home address ( While DPS spokesman Tom Vinger insisted that data brokers like Public Data may not have the most accurate information, it did have this reporter's updated address for her own driver's license (and that update was done just a few months ago).

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DPS will begin issuing newly-designed Concealed Handgun Licenses (CHLs).

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You need to inform the DMV of the changes, and many states offer the possibility of doing it online or by mail.

The new design contains all of the same security features as those utilized on existing CHLs.

For examples of licenses currently in circulation, see: LTC sample.

In years past, a driver's license issued by the state Department of Public Safety was one of the most best tools police had to track down criminal suspects and witnesses, serve warrants or look quickly for next-of-kin when someone was killed.

"That's commonly been one of the primary criteria," said Melissa Hamilton, a visiting criminal law scholar at the University of Houston Law Center and a former police officer.