Updating iphone unlocked

27 Jan

It will only work with apps that originally supported your current version of i OS.

When buying a used i Phone, it’s important to use i Phone IMEI checker to check the IMEI code of the device to make sure that the device is not Sim locked, blacklisted, reported as lost or i Cloud locked.

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By using our i Phone IMEI Checker tool, you can easily check i Phone Carrier, Simlock, i Cloud or Block status by IMEI code or serial number.So if you're stuck at i OS 4.2.1, but the app you want to install now requires i OS 4.3 to work, you can now download the 4.2.1 version of that app.This is great news for people with jailbroken devices and older devices like the original i Phone.It is also good to know that you can now hold onto your i Phone even longer than before, and can ignore future i OS updates if you choose too.Also don't forget, this does not mean you will have access to every app in the App Store.The i Phone 4 is now boxier, with the rear side now flat, instead of rounded.It will keep the 3.5-inch display diagonal, but will quadruple the pixels to 640x960, making it the highest-resolution screen on a smartphone to date.If you buy Model A1778 i Phone 7 or Model A1784 i Phone 7 Plus your choices are AT&T or T-Mobile which are GSM networks.Most people are recommending Verizon model only because it's compatible with all networks, which is a safe choice!Im in the same boat as I just want to buy an unlocked i Phone 7 Plus without a contract even though I'm a Tmobile customer.Traveling internationally though, I want to be able to buy a local sim card as needed. His answer was that the Sim Free option will be out a few weeks after the September 16th Launch date.