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01 Oct

Is Microsoft still the power-hungry elephant in the room? But there’s some very interesting additional information on why that’s so — and some baffling issues with current console power consumption.First, let’s look at the table for the PS4, Xbox One, and Wii U: This chart shows the power consumption of all three consoles in their various operating modes.

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Today’s frustration focuses on a more in-depth problem: why won’t my Xbox 360 read game discs?

Lots of brushes and DVD-style discs have been on the market for years that claim to clean the lens effectively. Sure, cleaning a game system isn’t a dangerous task (unless you’ve got your Xbox opened up and are removing hardware with pliers outdoors during a thunderstorm). The laser lens can get knocked out of alignment easily with the wrong approach. Feel free to do your research (this guy really seems to like it, and swears like a sailor) and carefully follow these instructions once you buy it.

I’m sure you’re gentle with all of your toys, especially the Xbox. Hey, it’s a lot better than buying an all-new system.

Having the advantage of the lead, Microsoft was able to experiment with various customization options for the consumer’s individual consoles.

The ability to customize the way the console looked with various themes to fit the front and sides of it was something very different for home console users.