Validating forms in coldfusion Jodi gilmour nue

29 Oct

It will be smart enough to know what to do for textfields, checkboxes, drop downs, you name it.

An alternative to this is the serialize() function. Let’s take a look: I do some basic validation on top and then simply output the result.

This hands-on course from Adobe Certified Expert Candyce Mairs shows how to set up a testing environment by installing Cold Fusion, Cold Fusion Builder, and a database and use Cold Fusion tags and built-in functions to get and display database data.I want to keep things as nice and simple as possible. In the old days I might have used Element By Id() on all the form fields.The first block of code simply says: When the page loads, I want you to bind the submit action of the form caleld test Form to a function called send Form. Luckily j Query provides not one but two functions to handle this task for me.In this lesson you'll learn more about form validation and the difference between client-side and server-side validation so you can make a decision about what kind of validation to use on your forms.We'll also look at the options that are available for client-side validation.This is as about as trivial as you can get, but I’m going to follow it up the next few days with a few more examples that will build upon it. The post function lets me specify a URL, some data, and a callback function.So with that in mind, let’s take a quick look at the code. Notice that for this example I will not be doing any form validation. If callback functions confuse you (they were for me at first), just think of it as me telling j Query: “Hey pal, when you are done sending the data, please run this function with the result.” How do I get the data?Let’s start with our original form converted to Cold Fusion tags, as shown in Listing 16.6.cfform1You can use the REQUIRED attribute to ensure that the required fields are filled in prior to form submission. In this case, you will use REQUIRED= H YES in both the Name and Phone fields, as shown in Listing 16.7.I can use serialize Aray() to turn a form into a java Script object.It will go throughout all the fields and create a name/value pair.