Who is jason wahler dating 2016

14 Mar

This caused much play and led to the break up of the camaraderie between Lauren and Heidi Montag. He now composes online for the Huffington Post and runs the web site

ET recently spoke with the 29-year-old former reality star in honor of the beloved MTV show's 10th anniversary next week, when he got candid about his well-known struggles with addiction and his road to recovery.

He was found by his girlfriend at the time, and only because she came back because she forgot her wallet. The TV show might have ignited it, or added fuel to the fire, but it didn't cause it." Jason has been sober since July 23, 2010, and opened a sober living facility called Widespread Recovery in Orange County, California. "We want probably two, but I want to be in a spot where I can actually raise my kids and be a part of their life," he stresses.

"My addiction drove me to suicide," Jason says bluntly. He met his wife, Ashley Slack, when he was 11 months sober, and says he knew she was "the one" the first day he met her. "And, so, you know, that's a big piece to me and I think that ...

I’m getting the locks changed on Monday.’ That was how we broke up.” So when Lauren and Jason met up in that iconic Poor Lauren.

She really cared for Jason and didn’t want to see anything bad happen to him.

“And I felt like when we broke up, I was abandoning him because there was a lot of nights that I was getting 2 a.m.

His behavior also landed him in trouble with the law and saw him through several trips to rehab. On the show, Heidi, looking eerily Barbie-ish, discussed her ongoing…

Although some counted him out, Jason has turned his life around to become sober.

"Not contemplation -- actually attempting suicide -- and somebody found me and that's why I'm still here today. hopefully next year, we'll have a little junior." Jason says he doesn't keep in touch with most of his co-stars, and hasn't seen his ex, Lauren, in about a year.

I'm very grateful for that." "How that all kind of lined up, obviously, somebody up above wanted me here for a reason and I'm very happy that I did not check out," he continues. I never would have guessed six years ago, I would be working in recovery, substance abuse, and mental health, considering I was paid to party. Still, there's no bad blood between the two despite their notoriously rocky relationship on the show.