Who is shepard smith dating

04 Dec

“Everyone knew that Shep was getting demoted,” Gawker claims it was told by someone inside Fox News.

“And the coming out thing was a significant part of that.” The anonymous source describes how Fox News executive Bill Shine “flipped out” over Smith’s appearance at the picnic.

The crew included Gary Sinise (director), Robert Brill (scenic designer), Kevin Rigdon (lighting designer) and Rob Milburn (sound designer).

Sante Fe, New Mexico: 1983-1986 Charlottesville, Virginia: 1986-1995 Stillwater, Minnesota: 1995-2004 - More info One Fifth Avenue, Greenwich Village: 2005-2010 Midway, Kentucky (Horse farm) Sante Fe, New Mexico Sam Shepard ranks as one of America's most celebrated dramatists.

The Gawker story claims Smith approached Ailes and his Fox News colleagues about coming out of the closet after bringing his boyfriend, a 26-year-old Fox producer named Gio Graziano, to a small company picnic at Ailes’ home in 2013. Ailes told Smith he could not come out because the network’s conservative audience would not tolerate a “gay” anchor, claims Gawker.

“This came up during contract negotiations,” an anonymous Fox staffer reportedly told Gawker.

Even though her life has become a bit more settled, she still loves to hang with the guys and voluntarily impart her advice upon them.

Gawker claims the popular Fox News anchor was “silenced and punished” after approaching CEO Roger Ailes last summer about going public about his homosexuality.

But now Ailes and Smith are firing back, calling the story “100 percent false and a complete fabrication.” “As colleagues and close friends at Fox News for 18 years, our relationship has always been rooted in a mutual respect, deep admiration, loyalty, trust, and full support both professionally and personally,” they wrote in a joint statement.

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