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16 Oct

Bring up Zika at any of the many parties and galas in the last month, and most gallerists, collectors, and dealers would have revealed they know at least a few people — likely women — who consider the threat reason enough to stay home this year. "The art world has taken a rather ‘let’s not talk about it’ approach,” said Elena Soboleva, a 30-year-old art market observer and special projects manager at Artsy who has opted to go to Miami, her 35th art fair this year.

In part, honest, open discussion can be impossible because "it also puts a woman’s personal information on view,” said the dealer Loring Randolph, a 35-year-old partner at Casey Kaplan gallery.

The young man is a stranger to them, and he’s mentally impaired. Or is this just an awkward attempt to make friends?

This irritates – and even frightens – the women he approaches on the street.

It also has surprising effects on sexual perception.

These results* are presented at the ECNP Conference in Vienna, with simultaneous publication in the peer-reviewed journal Psychopharmacology.

Hans, who works at an Aargau home for mentally disabled people, tells the group that many of his charges would like to have a girlfriend or a boyfriend, and many already do.For some it’s an unpleasant taboo,” according to Lothar Sandfort, psychologist and head of the institute.A paraplegic since a road accident in his youth, Sandfort is married with three children.And, as it turns out, the problem areas — Miami Beach, Wynwood, Little Haiti — are also ground zero for Art Basel and its ancillary fairs and events, which all told brought 77,000 people to town last December.Zika causes birth defects, including microcephaly, a type of brain damage, in newborns whose mothers are infected during pregnancy.“I wanted to specialise in something that I’m confronted with on a daily basis,” Hans told During a brainstorming session about the would-be hugger, somebody suggests that the man could benefit from a supervised outing to a club or dance event." I'm inside a bulky latex ram-horned devil mask, wearing a swaky maroon dinner jacket and cravat, tending bar for a coven of witches in a ruinous hut in a crumbling bohemian campground in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains, and Lee Lynch is getting sarcastic.Five hours earlier I'd cought a ride with my bandmate, the sculptor Daniel Hawkins, up the winding precipitous incline to Zorthian Ranch, a definitively unfurnished art environment dating from the antebellum heyday of West Coast Assemblage.The mosquitos that transmit it were reportedly cleared from Wynwood in September, and from a three-mile stretch of Miami Beach just last week.But worries about the virus still run rampant in the art world, particularly among women of childbearing age.