Wordpress organize series not updating

22 Jan

The beauty of this system is that you can pretty much drag the elements to wherever you want – so it’s not very restrictive on where and how you place your website content.

Weebly’s elements include pictures, paragraphs, videos, buttons, maps, contact forms – basically all the basics for website building.

Now, as you change your selection in the data validation drop down, it will automatically update the chart by highlighting your series of interest.

Note: It doesn't show in this screen grab, but the row above the chart's title row is the helper row.

Word Press.org, or Word Press for short, is my favorite blogging software.

I recommend it to everyone because when you make a blog with it you are instantly on the playing field with the likes of Forbes, Katy Perry, Tech Crunch, Tim Ferris Blog, Time.com, and thousands more.

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As part of my CMS strategy, I needed a way to display the content of a series on a page that is not a part of the series.Suppose you have all the episodes of “The Big Bang Theory” organized in a series so that you can jump from one to the next in a logical order and not be constrained by a blog’s chronological ordering system.If you want to create a page with additional info about the show, there’s no clear way to add the episode list to the page. The Organize Series plugin includes a file filled with useful functions (org in the plugin’s folder).The video is 3 whole hours so I know that it might take some folks a night or even a whole week to get through.If you’d rather not watch, I’m going to cover the 5 most important areas of blogging below.It was quite a hassle because you have to repeatedly typing the command manually.This time we will create a simple batch (.bat) application that can generate a text file contains list of files and sub-folders from the folder where this little application is located, and if you want create a list of files in another folder, just move this app into that folder.Including how easy or difficult they are to use, the pros and cons of each website builder? This is a highly debated topic and it’s one that’s very confusing at times.But in this article, including the video below, we’re going to explore fully the differences between Weebly and Word Press – in a Weebly is one of the easiest website builders in the market.So I currently have a line graph with 48 different lines, comparing 48 different series of data.The series are generated by changing three variables: One with two possible values, one with 4 possible values, and one with 6 possible values.