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02 May

I’m gutted to think that someone I let be part my family for so long can do this!! ) and so they have recently addressed the drama between her and her rumoured ex boyfriend, Jon Clark.

Not only did they tweet about it but a statement has been released on Chloe's behalf!

A UK dating safety scheme which could see bar staff help combat sexual assault and violence through a special code word has received overwhelming support from a local rape campaign charity and Island establishments – but they’re concerned that no one will lead the way in bringing it to Jersey.

He continued to say that “she didn’t even break up with me just her phone went off and her mum said she dropped it down the toilet! Sources have even claimed that the pair were even “talking about having children just the other day so this is obviously a massive shock”. Jon himself has declared that he wants to “get back out there and say my piece! It seems that Chloe has handed her Twitter account over to her friends for the duration of her time in the Love Island villa (where phones are banned!The fact that staff are going to be trained and aware to help in a difficult situation – and we unfortunately know those situations happen – is very positive.“Anything that counteracts the harassment that many people experience in public or social situations is only a good thing.” Mark Crowther, Chief Executive of Liberation Group, which owns 44 Jersey pubs, said that the chain would be “happy to support” such an initiative, while Gavin Reid, Operations Director of Randalls, which looks after nearly 30, added: “We would certainly be in support of an initiative like this, as even if it made a difference to one individual then that's one less person who faced a potentially difficult situation.” Video: An explanation of the 'Ask for Angela' campaign. Malin's latest squeeze is an ex of Charlotte Crosby's, Jeavon Stretton.Other than the fact that this part of my life is usually not very entertaining, it’s something I’ve always been hesitant to put out there for the world to see. And when I meet them, they can’t seem to help but ask me things like: Yep, and some end up divorced too.That applause has since reached Jersey, with hundreds of Islanders calling for such a service to be set up on-island, including charity Jersey Action Against Rape (JAAR).Pictured: Lincolnshire Police set up 'Ask for Angela' after fears that dates met on apps such as Tinder (above), Bumble and Grindr didn't match up to reality.After all, that’s where the most scandalous and shocking drama goes down.Meanwhile, it’s not just reality TV contestants that are getting hot under the collar.Chairperson Sara Mc Intosh told : “It’s obviously worked in trial in the UK and therefore I think there’s no reason why it wouldn’t work here, and I think it’s reassuring for people to have that support if they feel they need it.“Just having [Ask for Angela] posters up in various venues, pubs, nightclubs, bars, they alone provide reassurance that support is there if needed.